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Your Colon is an amazing part of your anatomy. Its primary function is to ensure that all of the waste accumulated during the day through eating and not used is able to be expelled from your body in a very tidy way.

However, there will come a time when the colon is blocked, either through bad diet or just as a matter of age where waste is caught in the folds of the colon itself.

Nature of course has its own methods of ensuring the colon does not become clogged but modern man does not treat his digestive system well enough to rely on nature alone. Sometimes it is necessary to provide some assistance to help remove those waste products that are clinging to the walls of the colon. If we don’t ,then there is a probability of various diseases, the most significant is cancer of the bowel.

The available treatment for Bowel or colon cleansing are many. They range from the Herbal to the Chemical with each proclaiming the efficacy of the treatment. The best advice is to speak to your GP who will determine in the first place whether your colon is in need of cleansing and if it is that e most appropriate treatment for your particular condition.

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Myths Regarding Colon Detoxification

Why Should You Detoxify Your Colon?

If you really knew the toxin levels in your body, you would be rather shocked! For this reason, you need a colon detox from time to time. There are infinite benefits to doing this. The poisons within our bodies continue to hamper our health, which we do not even realize most of the time till it aggravates and causes a lot of problems. Therefore, you need a colon detoxification, which is the root of getting rid of all toxins in your system!

The fundamental reason why toxins develop within our bodies is the eating of unhealthy foods. Our diets are generally full of sugar, starch, junk food, and meat, all of which contain harmful additives and chemicals. Many of them are full of excitotoxins like MSG and aspartame. Do you know that these substances alone can cause death or serious brain damage? Scary, but it is a fact. Other than this, our bodies are filled with hundreds of parasites, which of course, for the most part pose no benefits to us.

To detoxify your body, the organ to start with is your colon. There are numerous benefits of cleansing your colon. Detoxification of your colon will give you a number of benefits. You will remain safe from many ailments including constipation, diarrhea, headaches, lethargy, and skin diseases. Do you know that the waste matter lying in your colon is the main cause of toxic build-ups? When these products are not removed from time to time, they form bacteria and toxins that can enter your blood stream and then create havoc with your health.

By cleansing your colon from all of these impure agents, your body will be rejuvenated. It will again absorb nutrients from your foods in a much more efficient manner and thus you will remain healthier. So, start a colon detoxification and feel the difference now! Always read colon cleansing reviews so that you can compare products and choose the best ones for yourself!

A healthy colon is one of the keystones of good overall health

This means that we must do our utmost to ensure that our colons are healthy – even those of us who are athletes and who may think they are healthier than most people due to their current lifestyles. It is not enough to simply make sure that athletes practice the principles of good sports nutrition and take sports supplements. Colon cleansing must become an integral part of our day-to-day activities in order for us to be in tip-top shape.

As our bodily systems go about their business, waste products are excreted as a natural consequence of these activities. Many of these waste products, which are of course toxic, make their way to our bowels. Over time, if they are not excreted properly, these toxins accumulate in our colons, and as these toxins build up, we can end up with different conditions and diseases, not the least of which are constipation, yeast infections, general feelings of lassitude or sluggishness, lack of energy, and even obesity. Such problems can weigh very heavily on both normal people and athletes alike. In addition, since the colon is connected to all the other organs in the body, it affects and is in turn affected by their problems and ailments. When the colon fails to work properly because it is clogged, then it is a certainty that many of the organs connected to it cannot function well either.

In general, poor living conditions (exposure to pollution, chemicals, pesticides), an equally poor diet (too heavy on protein, which causes overacidity, processed foods, alcohol, sugar – or overeating in general), the presence of parasites such as tapeworms and pinworms, and over-reliance on medicines such as antibiotics can cause or exacerbate colon problems.

Colon cleansing is easy to do – one need only consume a certain amount of a commercially available colon cleanser, and cease performing those habits that may cause or exacerbate colon clogging (smoking, overeating, consumption of high-protein food, and the like). A certain amount of fasting may be helpful.

The entire colon cleanse procedure may take several weeks to run its course, and one cannot be assured of a complete recovery from many or all of the conditions that plague him or her, but at the very least one will be livelier, more active and will even be rid of parasite eggs, if one is bothered by such.

Read more why doctors are recommending colonic cleansing

Colon Cleansing

Bowel Cleansing

The feeling that you are bloated, tired and irritable might just be a symptom of a poor digestive system. In other words it may well be blocked; specifically the Bowel.While good diet obviously prevents a blocked Bowel or Colon, there will always be a need to assist the removal of hardened waste in the Colon or Bowel. In extreme cases it is almost inevitable that Colon cleansing must be used.There are many treatments for the condition, but it is really a matter of listening to your Doctor as to which treatment is suitable for you.

The Bowel and the Colon are pretty tough organs when it comes to dealing with foreign bodies, and there are no known cases of physical damage to the Colon caused by the so called natural treatments. However, any treatment should be researched for appropriate application before use.

These treatments range from natural herbs to chemical; all with claims of success. However, only you know your own body and only you will know what is comfortable and effectiveInvariably the results are immediate. The feeling of being well invariably lifts the spirit and life becomes more comfortable.It always pays to seek the advice of a healthcare professional, and use these Bowel or Colon treatments with care.

Over The Counter Safe Healthy Colon Cleansing Products

 foods to help colon cleaner foods to help colon cleaner

Home Colon Cleansing – A Quick Start Guide

Are your thinking about colon cleansing at home? Read this article for a 3 step quick start guide that will help you get going.

Of the many cleansing options out there, home remedy colon cleansing may be the right one for you – if you are willing to put in just a little bit of time to learn the basics. If you do, you’ll wind up saving a lot of money and probably even cleansing more often – which means you’ll get more of the benefits that come from the process.

With that in mind, I’ve put together this quick start guide to help you decide how best to get going.

At home colon cleansing will be most effective if you’re willing to change your diet. Specifically it requires getting meat, dairy and wheat products out of your diet during a cleanse. Also you’ll need to eliminate fried foods, high sugar foods, junk food and processed foods. That means you’ll be eating a diet of mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. The alternative to changing your diet while on a homemade colon cleanse is to go on a complete water or juice fast. If you do, make doubly sure that you have proper instructions.

Once you know you can handle the limited diet, make sure you start with a colon cleanse recipe that is safe and proven to get results. At minimum the recipe should include easy to source ingredients like lemons, cayenne, and flax seeds and should give you very specific measurements and instructions on how to make it. Any recipe you try should also give you options for gentle and more advanced cleansing.

With any recipe you try, give it time to work. We live in a fast, "I want it now" culture. Cleansing doesn’t work that way. You may need to be patient and stay with the program. If you do, you’ll most likely start feeling better on any good cleansing program within 1 week. In my experience 99% of people get at least some results within 10 days. So, if you still notice nothing after 10 days, I’d recommend that you try a higher quality program.

And now, I’d like to invite you back to my website where you can find 3 top colon cleanse recipes that are easy to make and proven to get great results.

By Mark Ament
Published: 11/28/2008

Home made Colon Cleansing Diet

Home made Colon Cleansing Diet

Informative article on home made colon cleansing diet.

To have your lifespan prolonged with improved quality of life, good health is of vital importance. If you are looking for this achievement, primarily, monitoring your daily intake is mandatory which is known as "Home made Colon Cleansing". In this regard, maintaining your body in optimal condition on a consistent basis too is equally important. After all, your outward appearance health wise is only a reflection of the health inside you.

An Organic Diet Helps the Colon

If you consider that a healthier lifestyle combined with a good digestive system is very beneficial to you, you should consider going for Colon Cleansing seriously. You know that a lot depends on how you feel in your day-to-day life and therefore in this context the value of a healthy colon cannot be overstated.

Toxins and harmful particles in the food we intake as well as in the air we breathe are injurious to our body which retards the ability of our bodies to execute the functions they are supposed to perform, to any degree of satisfaction. In order to work at optimum efficiency certain types of foods and an adequate intake of fluid matter are required by the colon. You would see your bowels clogged with undigested material from several meals if it were possible for you to see the action going on inside the colon. Infection and disease could develop as a result of an accumulation of rotten foods inside the colon in this fashion. In this context, a home made Colon Cleansing can help clean it up initially so your body will then be free to start its mission of healing itself. This is the most valuable attribute of a good colon cleansing diet.

Modify Your Diet For Better Health

You should ensure that the food you intake comprises of nutritional value and composed of organic vegetables and fruits, whole grain, plenty of water and lean meats and not a lot of "instant" and junk food that your inside does not agree with.

It is unfortunate that we are doing things that our bodies were not designed to do, which is the root cause of all problems. We are not equipped for the processing of artificial preservatives and nitrates, nor to assimilate huge portions of food, not to sit happily in one place without giving proper exercise to our bodies in order to breakdown the hundreds of calories we load our bodies with day after day. It is ironic that this inactive form of lifestyle is on the increase in popularity while Obesity is at an all time high. But do we care to see whether there is any correlation between the two? It is also sad that although the recommended dosage of fiber per day is twenty five to thirty three grams, most people never reach even anywhere near halfway there.

In order to bring back your colon to optimal health, a home made colon cleansing diet could be of immense help to you. Based on your lifestyle, the colon ages at a rapid rate after adulthood. Whether we make any serious attempt to arrest the premature aging of our colon is entirely in our hands, as it is dependent on our lifestyle with regard to eating and drinking habits. So, if our undesirable lifestyle continues without any colon cleansing routine, it may be said that inside yourself, you are much older than what your birth certificate indicates.

You may read about colon cleanse products at the respective links given above.

By Cindy Dawson
Published: 8/9/2007

Precautions About Colon Cleansing

Dangers of Homemade Colon Cleanse

The colon is considered one of the most important parts of the body that is responsible for maintaining good health. A homemade colon cleanse is considered good by many, buy how safe is it?

 Is colon cleansing worth it
Enlarge Image
The Colon
Before understanding what a colon cleanse is, it is important to understand the colon and its functions.

The colon is the end portion of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a muscular tube that is approximately 5 to 5 1/2 feet in length and approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter. For a more general understanding we can assume that the colon is the portion after the small intestines right upto the rectum.

We all know that for the maintenance of a healthy body the elimination of toxic wastes is very important. This task is carried out by parts of the body which consist of the lungs, kidneys, skin, colon etc. All these body parts will eliminate a specific set of toxins.

The main function of the colon is to absorb water and minerals from the digested food, and the formation and elimination of feces from the body.

What is a Colon Cleanse
A clean colon is very vital to overall health. An unclean colon that does not function as desired will lead to a variety of illness. The lifestyle of many people today helps in maintaining a colon that is unclean and the cause of disease. A diet high in fat, consumption of a lot of sugar and sugar-based foodstuff, eating mostly processed food, drinking very little water, all contribute to the process.

Most of the time one realizes that something is wrong with the colon only when they get constipated. If this is just a one-off happening, it could be neglected, buy when the constipation becomes regular and chronic, there surely is something very wrong in the colon. It is blocked and unable to pass out the digested food. To make matters worse it is pulling out water from the digested food, making it all the more hard and difficult to pass out. This is when most of the people begin searching for ways to help get rid of and normalize the condition.

Very few would try and understand as to why this has happened in the first place. As long as there is something that can improve the situation it is OK with most. A colon cleanse is one such remedy that helps in cleaning and flushing out the colon of all the harmful toxins that have accumulated over a period of time.

Different Types of Colon Cleanse
There are several ways in which a colon cleanse can be performed. Fasting is the most common way to perform a colon cleanse. Total fasting, water fasting, fruit fasting are different methods used during fasting for a colon cleanse. Herbal colon cleanse is another way where a variety of herbs are used to free your colon of toxins and eliminate them. Enemas are another way of a colon cleanse, and is easy to practice at home, but many do not prefer this because it could be a messy affair if not done properly. Homemade colon cleansers are another way and one which is widely used today. Homemade colon cleansers are used a lot in combination to fasting.

Homemade Colon Cleanse Risks
Most of the homemade colon cleanse recipes that you find may have some branded ingredient that you will have to buy separately. This could just be a way of selling the product. These product manufacturers sell you just this ingredient with all other ingredients available easily at home. They drill it into you that a colon cleanse is necessary for everyone to be healthy and keep away from disease. A colon cleanse will not harm anyone, but could be dangerous if not formulated correctly.

There is a tendency of overdoing the colon cleanse at home. Many assume that this is a way of flushing out the toxins sooner. Doing this is not good and could lead to complications. If you are doing an enema yourself at home, make sure to be careful. Use equipment that is sterilized properly, negligence of which could lead to bacterial infection which could get serious in time. Also make sure to be gentle and not cause damage to your intestinal wall. A rupture in your intestinal wall is not the easiest to treat and could be really painful.

Total fasting can have serious problems. When you fast without having anything, your liver is working overtime flushing out all the toxins. These toxins get into the colon and will get absorbed by the body. These toxins are recirculated and reach the liver again, putting an unnecessary load on the liver. A fast with lots of water, or fresh organic juices or raw vegetables will help avoid such a situation as the toxins will be flushed out of the body and not recirculated.

The Best and Natural Way of Avoiding Colon Problems
Have you seriously thought as to why colon problems occur in the first place. It is due to eating junk food filled with fat, refined flour, and almost everything that is unhealthy. Timings to eat hardly exist. We have developed a tendency to live more on aerated drinks. We have stopped eating to live, instead many of us live to eat; eat just about any and everything that comes our way; we do not think twice before gobbling down that dinner consisting of a huge barely cooked beef steak with oil dripping fried potatoes, gulped down with anything but water. How do you suppose this is going to be broken down and get digested? How is it going to pass smoothly through your system?

The solution to most of all colon problems starts and ends with a change in diet. No need to change it drastically, just eat sensibly. No need to abstain from eating meat, just add a lot of fiber to your diet. Fiber helps move your food smoothly from the time it enters your body till it is eliminated. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber. No need to stop eating your favorite burger as long as you don’t make this a regular feature in your diet, just make sure that you down it with a fiber rich source and a lot of water (not some aerated drink). Water should be a constant throughout the day. Make sure you have at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. The beneficial effects will show immediately. Whatever you eat, eat slowly and chew properly. Don’t just gulp down your food.

Remember: Eating food fast, and eating fast-food are both bad for digestion and your colon. Your system will find it difficult to digest both, food eaten fast, and fast-food. Eat slowly chewing your food properly and as far as possible, and don’t make fast-food a habit that you can’t do without.

By Kevin Mathias
Published: 3/20/2007

At Home Colon Cleanse

 what can i eat when i do a colon cleanse Homemade Colon Cleanse – Is it Safe?

What exactly is a homemade colon cleanse or a cleanser? Not many people are aware of the fact that the colon and its health are crucial in controlling the health of that person. Before you jump to any conclusions and go all out to make your own recipe, it is indispensable that you know more about the colon, its nature, what keeps it in an unhealthy state and what food or remedy ensures that it remains in the best of health. What is more surprising is the fact that people don’t even know about the huge benefits.

The colon is the last part of the gastrointestinal tract or the large intestine in the human body. It is thorough this part that all the undigested and waste matter finally passes and the better the colon, the less will be the waste. A healthy colon ensures that there is a much better absorption of nutrients and minerals from the food that is taken in. This also means that the complete health of the person is also affected – positively or negatively. For instance, the hair and skin texture is highly dependent on the colon. A healthier colon means that the hair will be shiny and silky and the skin will be beautiful as ever. Moreover, one will themselves feel the change in their life just by fixing this small part. That uneasiness which seems so irremovable and constant, the gas that develops within the body – all these are simply eliminated with the improved physical condition of the colon. After all, it is so embarrassing to be bloating or breaking wind in a genteel and polished society. The basic fact of the matter is that improved bowel movement can give you a complete makeover by making him or her more energetic and fit overall.

One can either go step by step and clean the organs separately or detoxify the entire body. Initially, an uncomplicated and basic colon cleaning course should consist of the following important practices:

* A simple diet program – it is suitable that during a cleaning program, one should keep away from heavy and unhealthy foods like meats, fats and fast food. Instead a plain and light diet routine consisting of soups and salads is helpful. Fibers also go out to clean the colon of toxic materials.

* Fasting is also considered by many as the ideal diet routine. One can begin with gradually lowering a food intake, then switching over to a juice diet and then complete fast.

* A very high fluid intake – this part is especially important because there is risking of dehydration during a cleaning program. Fresh homemade juices of fruits and vegetables like apples, carrot, orange etc. are also healthy as they supply the body with vitamins and minerals.

* Plenty of Water – one should take more than five liters of water per day because water is exceedingly helpful to flush out the toxins and keep the colon clean.

So, a homemade colon cleanse should be no problem.

Mark is a colon detox devotee and has written many Colon Cleansing related articles to help people cleanse their colon the healthy way.

Learn about the best Colon Detoxification products, which is a popular website that provides tips and advice on the Best Colon Cleanse techniques.

By Simon Mann
Published: 6/26/2008